Is it Safe to Put hot Pans on Granite Countertops?
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Is it Safe to Put hot Pans on Granite Countertops?

It would help if you understood that your granite countertops are not reliable. Suppose you put a hot pan or a household appliance on the prime of them. Granite is a stone used in the making of kitchen countertops. Which suggests it originates from a geologic process that happens at very high temperatures. Suppose you have got granite countertops in Virginia. In that case, you should understand there’s just about nothing you’ll be able to do to achieve igneous temperatures. It begins around 600 degrees Celsius and may surpass the 1,000-degree mark of a volcanic process.

How to protect granite countertops?

You can place hot pans on granite with no worries if you put one thing beneath them. A trivet, pad, or pad can absorb the warmth from the pan before it reaches the surface, preventing injury to your tabletop and conserving its beauty.

Chemical reactions:

The granite tiles and slabs put in your home are liable to chemical processes that may be triggered by numerous factors, extreme heat being one of them. Granite and every alternative natural stone derive their beauty from chemical reactions that passed off over voluminous years. Once they’re extracted, cut, and finished for residential use, the reactions can stop till they’re sparked. The only typical response to extreme heat will be discoloration, followed by cracks potential if there are unseen fissures underneath the surface.

The coat impact:

When you visit the last pubs with natural-stone countertops on their main bars, you’ll notice they’ve developed a clear coat that has cornered stains, discolorations, and imperfections beneath. These reactions will be caused by direct heat, spills, and questionable maintenance. A shiny coat could add character in settings. However, they won’t look smart in your home.

High potential seal:

One of the fastest ways to weaken your granite countertops‘ seal is to show them direct heat. Let’s say you use an electric frying pan that warms up to 450 degrees Celsius right prime of your granite counter. The wetness of your ingredients being grilled can eventually waft downward and create contact with the stone surface. You are effectively doing away with the newest sealing material application. It might be a drag if your granite countertops are daily for food preparation. However, they’ll have a more considerable potential of developing stains from water, juice, coffee, wine, and alternative substances.

Using trivets and potholders:

Just like cutting boards and alternative protecting things used for cooking you ought to get into the habit of mistreatment hot pads, trivets, and potholders to shield your granite sterling Ashburn as a result they aren’t stainless-steel tables employed in industrial kitchens. If you have got stone remnants from your tabletop installation, you’ll be able to have them dig decorative trivets. Even once mistreatment trivets, you shouldn’t neglect to waterproof your granite countertops with a specially developed granite sealer.

Sealant weakening:

Natural stone materials like granite, marble, and sedimentary rock. They need the appliance of a sealing material to shield the granite sterling Loudoun County end. The warmth and wetness from pans or alternative hot things. Your place on the tabletop can eventually cause the sealing material to weaken. So, an unprotected granite tabletop is liable to stains from spilled foods and beverages and alternative materials.

Safety problems:

Suppose you allow a hot pan on the tabletop for many minutes. The granite can absorb and hold the warmth entirely, whereas when you take it away. Since there’s no visual proof, you may not bear in mind that the tabletop continues to be hot. If you bite the world, you’ll receive a big burn.

The impact of chemicals:

The cutting of the granite slabs used for tabletop production brings a finish to the chemical reactions. However, it offers granite its natural beauty. Constant exposure to extreme heat, like once exploiting a hot pan on the tabletop, can retrigger those reactions. This method will cause discoloration, additionally as little cracks within the surface.


Suppose you have been buying new kitchen countertops for your home. In that case, there’s a real probability that a minimum of one granite countertop has attracted your attention. You’ll be able to choose between a vast array of granite countertop styles and colors to realize the perfect complement to your kitchen decoration.