A Guide to Having More Fun in Bed


Many couples out there usually feel truly uninhibited when their kids are out of the house or in a hotel room, but most don’t realize it is not hard to schedule adult play dates in the evening. Before starting the games, you should ensure a decent lock in your bedroom, so you don’t have to worry about interruptions.

1. Going on the Prowl 

You can make a regular night exciting by allowing the inner bad girl to come out. Get a manicure in a deep and vampy shape and a bikini wax. Send out a risqué email or text to your partner early in the day, give him a peek of bare thighs over stockings, wear slinky lingerie to dinner, or even give him your panties when you are back from the restroom. This is considered unladylike, but he will love it very much.

2. Hello, Stranger

Role-play is a good way of getting into the mood; many couples have had a lot of fun doing this. A woman can go to their husband and say to him, “Hey, Sir, you look like someone who has a hot wife.” Then he can turn and say, “Yes, I have a hot wife, but she is not as hot as you.” They both go ahead and have a great night. You should try to make things unique and new by creating a sexy scenario and dressing the part – a cowboy hat, a blonde wig, tall boots, a pirate eye patch, and more. Even if you aren’t turned on, you will share a laugh.

3. Sweet Treats

It is fun to paint each other with liquid chocolate or sip schnapps out of a navel, but some use the trick to encourage their man’s good behavior. You can put a cherry lifesaver in an intimate area 30 minutes before making love so when he explores that area. He gets a fruity and tasty surprise. When choosing treats, stay away from mint flavors.

4. Hosting a Quickie

Do you have only a couple of minutes? Hand him an invitation into his back pocket or write on a dinner napkin that his presence is needed in the primary bathroom from 7:30 to 7:37 pm. Light some candles, chill little splits of champagne in the sink, wearing only high heels and nothing else under the robe. When he arrives, he will be impressed by your hostessing skills, and you will be down on it in no time. It is a short time, so the kids won’t even know you are gone.

5. Friendly Competition

Games are fun when there is something at stake. Play poker, gin rummy, or Scrabble with your partner. The game’s winner will let the winner cash in for foot massages, backrubs, or other sexual favors.

6. Bedtime Stories

Many couples use erotica and fantasy to get things running. Reading romantic literature aloud, making up sexy stories, or watching scenes from steamy movies will help a lot. It is going to arouse both your imagination and also libido. The biggest sex organ is the brain, so as a mature escort would say, why not give it some new material?

7. New and Improved

A couple sharing good sex lives are inventive, so if you have noticed that you are getting into a rut, you should consider things to spice up your bedroom life. Is there a new sex toy, position, or technique you want to try? You can ask your friends for ideas if you cannot come up with any. You will learn a lot.