How to Date and Marry a Millionaire?

date a millionaire

It seems like a movie cliche and every daydreamer’s fantasy. What if you could be whisked away by a millionaire heartthrob? Whether your fantasy is a rich billionaire businessman, a celebrity singer, or an actor, you have to admit the fantasy of dating someone rich is hard to resist.

After you swoon a while at the idea, you usually try to talk yourself out of the idea. It’s never going to happen, and that’s too much like a fantasy. There’s no such thing as a happily ever after endings!

But what if there was a way to date a millionaire? In this article,

REALITY of finding a rich millionaire partner and how we know it happens.

The Evidence

Some of the top celebrities and businesspersons in the world marry a “girl/boy next door” type rather than a supermodel. This makes sense because while young supermodel has beauty, they usually don’t have a personality that keeps the attention of a smart and successful millionaire.

Millionaires tend to read, study, work long hours, and get involved in social civics, at least to some degree. There are many Instagram models out there, but not many young people who read, have an educational background, and want to make the world a better place!

Yet, this is the type of millionaire-quality mate your crush is looking for. He or she wants someone who understands them and has his or their own life figured out. Many people go through life not knowing what they want or how to be happy. So imagine how intrigued a millionaire might be if he or she found someone who was happy, confident, and had a wholesome quality about them. That’s what attracts someone successful – an equally successful person!

Not About Money, But All about Family

That doesn’t necessarily mean a millionaire wants to marry another millionaire. In some cases, this might be true, but it can be difficult to make the relationship work when two people get together with equal wealth and fame. Both partners want exclusive attention, and that’s hard to do when they’re both high maintenance.

On the other hand, a millionaire is usually more than happy to take care of their spouse, financially and emotionally, in exchange for more exclusive attention. That usually means building a home and raising a family.

There’s so much to risk when you’re a millionaire and entrusting your home and family to a stranger. They don’t want to marry someone young and bold, and they want someone committed to someone sane and kind, and best of all, someone who understands the millionaire lifestyle.

Your family-building skills will go a long way when dating a millionaire. But even more important is the willingness to be his or her dedicated spouse, someone who doesn’t give up, and someone who understands what the millionaire mate needs and wants to be happy.

The Most Common Reasons Why a Millionaire Might Dump You

Millionaires do sometimes get involved with someone they like, someone like you, but then may start backtracking at some point in the relationship. Maybe you would assume it’s because you’re not “rich” or “pretty enough,” or there was some personality clash.

But believe it or not, it’s usually not anything like that. It’s usually more like you don’t TRY to understand their family, lifestyle, daily pressures, and yes, even their eccentricity. When you date a millionaire, you have to feel; deep down, that you belong with him/her.

You’re not an imposer. You have a strong sense of self-worth and know what you are worth. You can put a price on all your services! A million dollars!

You not only understand your millionaire mate, but you also have the honor and self-esteem to walk away if he/she takes you for granted. Just that alone will be one of your best qualities, and your millionaire partner will sense that.

Millionaire partners want a stable family, and they need an “equal” in raising children and managing a house, someone who will be their “teammate” and not just looking out for number one. If you can understand where your rich partner is coming from, you have an advantage.

Searching for a Millionaire Date

One growing trend is that of looking for millionaires online. Using an app like Millionaire Match or even some interracial dating apps (which lets users choose income minimums (like only a millionaire or only 100,000 per year) can help you find a rich and successful person ready for a relationship.

You can even customize your search for a preferred race since many well-off African-American, Asian, and Latin men and women are there. Why not start aiming higher for a successful partnership and build the life you want?