Best Online Speed Dating Websites

online Speed Dating

The earlier practice of meeting people in mini-dates has been turned into an Internet sensation called speed dating thanks to technological advances. Over the years, people worldwide have accepted online speed dating as it allows them to explore a vast number of people in a short time and find a partner. 

Considering users' craze about speed dating, various entrepreneurs worldwide like to start an online speed dating business.

For starting an online speed dating business, you should know what is running in the market. In short, you should know your competitors.

Here we will walk you through some of the best speed dating sites in the market, along with their pros and cons. 


This is a popular speed dating site with a robust algorithm that swiftly matches users when they sign up with various available profiles in their data bank.

Furthermore, it also offers them an option to look for long-term relationships wherein questions elicit a response, whether they want to get married and have kids. This speed dating site has more than 40 million registered members.

If you put in your correct details when signing in and do not leave any blank space, you are guaranteed to get a good match. If you are a new member, then you will get a maximum of seven matches every day.


● Interest emoji that include likes and winks are available for free.

● Multiple search tools to find your perfect date.

● It has members in more than 25 countries.


● To have privacy, you need to pay a subscription.

● Only paid subscribers can view the profiles of those who have messaged them.

Lightning Speed Dating

This website has made a considerable reputation in the market by organizing single events for a small group of its members (not more than 40, 20 are males, and 20 are female).

In these events, the opposite genders can talk to each other for six minutes. This website also organizes similar speed dating events for the LGBTQ+ community.

The app of this website allows you to share your likes and dislikes about the dates whom you have just met in real-time to get compatible matches on the same night itself.

If you want to attend one of these events, then you have to shell out $ 20.


● You can use the mobile application to give your reviews of your date.

● The registration process is easy.

● The events are affordable.


● If you want to access the profile of other members, then you have to take a paid membership

The Fun Single

This speed dating site is created for the United States of American market only, wherein they organize major speed dating events in all the major cities of America.

This website does not have any hidden charges, and you can browse this website for free.

The website provides details about those people who will attend any speed dating events they organize in terms of their age, gender, sexual preference, and likes.

It has an excellent record of connecting people with similar mindsets and sharing the same vibes.


● You can know the details of all those attendees who will come to the speed dating event organized by them.

● It is entirely free.

● Speed dating events are organized in many major cities of the US.


● It takes time to go through the features and matches of all the members.


Registering to this speed dating website will show you ten matches in the first hour of joining the website.

The main focus of this website is providing faster matches to their members. Every member who joins this platform is verified through their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

If you like any match, then you can send a thumbs-up message to that member. If that member accepts your request, then you can exchange your contact information.


● The membership is free.

● You can send innumerable thumbs-up messages.

Quick Spark Dating

It organizes speed dating events in all the major cities of the United States of America. It focuses on providing a platform to young people who want to get into a stable relationship.

The events organized by this dating site are in a charming atmosphere, wherein the members can look for their match.


● Great atmosphere in the speed dating events.


● It is meant for young people only.

In addition to the speed dating sites mentioned in this article, there are similar other websites, including Mingle 2,,,,, and many more.


The online speed dating sites that are mentioned in this article provide faster matches. You can quickly join these platforms (many are free), and the registration process is relatively straightforward and fast.

Furthermore, as these sites are mobile-optimized, you can access these sites on your smartphones (or any other that you own).

These speed dating sites also incorporate some of the top-notch security features so that the classified data of the clients remain safe. These sites offer you a range of options to ensure that everyone finds what they are looking for on the speed dating platform.

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